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I hate to see this. I came to the PM boards to get away from the CF witch hunt forums. It doesn't matter the persons goal, it's their goal. Wether we agree with it or not, if we have the knowledge and experience to help someone take the right steps in the right direction, then I think we need to do so.

Trygve, you really need to read up on The Zone, Paleo, and IF. Check out Mike O'Donnell's blog, there is a ton of great info on losing fat . building muscle and also making good healthy dietary choices. We all want to look good, some of us want to be healthy as well , and then there are some that want to look good at any cost. Remember , you can have the appearance of being fit without actually being fit ( drugs will definitely play a part in that) , but it is impossible to actually be fit and not look it. There is no magic diet or workout that will get you muscular and ripped. It's about finding the right mix of nutritional and training strategies that work well for you and get you to your goals the healthiest, safest and fastest. Even if you go over to the Bodybuilding forums these days you will see many people advocating fruits and veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats along with a good solid routine based around big compound movements. This is nothing new and people are still doing it because it works. As far as cycling nutrients , I would say the easiest way to put it would be : eat more when you do more, eat less when you do less. On the days you train heavy up the calories a bit and maybe try to keep any non fruit/veggie carb sources to your post WO meal. I don't really suggest any non fruit/veggie carb sources ( maybe oatmeal) but if you do eat them do it post WO. I have found no need to really cycle carbs/fats/proteins, it never did anything for me. I like to eat a good balanced diet every day, with usually one "anything goes" day a week.

Just another little bit of advice, like Gant said" Form follows function". I was never really able to get super lean and get to that point where I looked good until I stopped worrying so much about how I looked and started focusing more on improving in my workouts and enjoying what I was doing. Find a good diet of natural whole foods and focus on getting stronger and more powerful , and I promise you the physical changes will happen.
"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment."
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