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Originally Posted by Fenthis Glusos View Post
It is very simple, if you're overweight and something tastes "decadent" spit it out and scarf down a tin of sardines + some garlic/onion to counter-act it and don't eat traditional DIET junk foods (sweetened yogurts, pretzels, colas shit like that). It's fine to consume some non-fruit sugar once in a while though, just as long as your diet is in check and the sugar is in moderate amounts every once in a while. I'm not perfect either, especially with desserts like fig newtons and chocolate-covered pretzels strewn about my living quarters, but I'm getting better.

Instead, eat mostly plants, then some meat, maybe some dairy. If you're not insulin-resistant you can get away eating some more minimally-processed grain foods as well. Forget about grain-fed this, omega-3 that for right now and just begin to eat whole foods - if that entails eating one too many almonds, so be it. The almonds won't damage you.

Don't eat to be healthy just eat to MINIMIZE damage -- that's what I always say when questioned why I eat as I do (being naturally thin).
I am already at that point. I have already lost 20lbs, and been plateauing with the last 10 lbs for 6 months now. This is why its gotten so complicated. The first 20lbs were easy. I ate clean, had a few cheat meals a week and lost weight. Now I am stuck.

To break this is going to take something a little more drastic. And more exercise isnt the answer for me, I am a fitness instructor and teach 6 days a week.
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