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Originally Posted by joe waguespack View Post
I hate to see this. I came to the PM boards to get away from the CF witch hunt forums. It doesn't matter the persons goal, it's their goal. Wether we agree with it or not, if we have the knowledge and experience to help someone take the right steps in the right direction, then I think we need to do so.
This is not a witch hunt. The PMJ's tagline is "Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence." I acknowledge other people's goals, but if they're inconsistent with the forum on which they're posted, I won't spend a lot of time giving advice. Simply attaining 5-6% BF is not inherently healthy or athletic. In most cases, it's not healthy at all (borderline eating disorder). I won't enable a young person whom I believe is embarking on an unhealthy path, whether I have the knowledge or not.

That said, a little Paleo grazing and bodyweight exercises will take him far.
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