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Originally Posted by Mandy LaGreca View Post
I hear what you are saying, but its not that cut dry for me. This is gonna sound crazy, but I need to be on a "program" to feel like I am doing something. Otherwise I just wing it, pick bad choices, and then end up spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I wish it was just as easy as "make healthier choices", but for me, I end up overeating that way. I dont have a good handle of estimating if I am at a deficit or not.
Mandy, I hear ya. I have tried many many times to throw out my scale and try the just eat healthy foods when I'm hungry approach. I always go back to weighing and measuring , it's just a habit to me at this point and it's always easy to make changes when you know exactly what you are doing. The Zone was what I started with and then eventually moved into Zone/Paleo'ish mix. Eventually I was IF'ing with Zone ratios and Paleo foods. If you are anything like me you need to start off very strict and OCD about things until you get a handle on it and then loosen up the reigns a bit. I have seen people get the best results that weighed and measured and were super strict at the beginning. The Zone is a little to regimented for some , but I think it is a great "diet" for people to learn how to eat. I learned a lot by following it. I found that I didn't need massive amounts of protein and I didn't need to stay away from fat or cut my carbs super low. Just my opinion but if you are looking for a "program" to follow I would suggest picking up a copy of Enter the Zone and give it a try.
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