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Originally Posted by joe waguespack View Post
if we can help someone get there intelligently and without impacting their health in a negative way instead of sending them to seek out advice from those that will suggest hours of cardio, 6 protein shakes a day, and grueling supersets of curls and skull crushers, then wouldn't it make sense to do so.
Ahh, shall I be the lesser of two evils? You've put me in a quandary, my friend. If the alternative is cardio (in this case, very unhealthy), then yes, I shall.

Trygve, you've received some solid advice. Go to Mike's blog. Learn about macronutrients. Learn about hormones. That's more important than fat cycling and meal-timing at this point. Get your ass up on some monkey bars, mix in a little parkour, and realize that, at this age, a little Guiness or Harp is worth 0.5% bodyfat.*

In my case, it's worth about 3%.
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