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Another clip that got me thinking too:

"High Volume/Low Intensity: Most of us live here. Forever. To be honest, when I go to most gyms and watch people train, I'm not sure why they just don't do push-ups and pull-ups at home. Most gymrats bench press weights that surely aren't much more effort than push-ups. This is why 5K runs are so popular on weekends: waddle around for half an hour, pick up your T-shirt, and eat your bagels on the way home while you convince yourself you trained hard."

As a trainer to the general public I see this soo much....people want the illusion of working out, willing to put in hours to prove it....never get results but think they are doing it, instead of focusing on shorter workouts and getting results.....boggles my mind when people say to me "You only train people 30min? No...I need at least an hour to workout".....and then some trainer who doesn't know jack about results gets the business because I refuse to train people the wrong way......F*#&'d up industry.
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