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Ben Langford
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Greg - Don't know of any comps during that period. Had a bit of a ask around but nothing seems to be on. The competition circuit pretty much shuts down during December & January. I don't get much info on the minor comps in Victoria so you might luck out there.

If you're looking for places to train try 'Ground Zero' and 'Hanger 4' in Melbourne. Both great schools with nice people. If you're out round Geelong definitely drop in on Black Belt Studios; that's John Will's school and he's one of the best coaches you'll ever meet.

In Sydney I recomend 'SPMA' if you're central or down south or 'Northside Martial Arts' if you're north or in the Manly area. Again these are both great academies with knowledgeable instructors and a friendly atmosphere.

And if you end up dropping through Canberra please feel free to come train with us at Elements Fitness.

Hope that helps.
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