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Originally Posted by Mandy LaGreca View Post
I am already at that point. I have already lost 20lbs, and been plateauing with the last 10 lbs for 6 months now. This is why its gotten so complicated. The first 20lbs were easy. I ate clean, had a few cheat meals a week and lost weight. Now I am stuck.

To break this is going to take something a little more drastic. And more exercise isnt the answer for me, I am a fitness instructor and teach 6 days a week.
Perhaps you plateaued because your body has already achieved it's desired weight. Maybe losing 10lbs won't do you any good, why not just try and convert that extra 10lbs or so of fat (assuming that's what it is and the problem here) into muscle tissue instead? Weight bares little relevance to most everything -- I would just focus on the mirror instead... and converting fat into muscle won't necessarily bulk you up, like the concerns many females have, but will cause you to lean out.

good luck
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