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Originally Posted by Fenthis Glusos View Post
, why not just try and convert that extra 10lbs or so of fat (assuming that's what it is and the problem here) into muscle tissue instead?

good luck
Do people still say this? You cant covert fat to muscle! Maybe you didnt mean that. I have plenty of lbm, I need to lose 10lbs of fat. maybe I should have been clear. I work out with weights,I am following the New Rules of Lifting for Women plus teach Bodypump (with role model weight).

I think Mike makes a good point. I think my body type responds better to lower carbs. Joe also makes a good point, I have OCD with my diet. I need rules. I cant just "wing it".

I also forgot to mention that I binge eat at least once a week, if not twice. Im sure that isnt helping me with my deficit for the week.

I will do what you say, cut out the processed stuff and try really hard not to binge eat, and will come back in a few weeks if I dont see results.

I will follow the Fat flush since its quite similar to zone.
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