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11/5/2008: 15 hour fast. I broke the fast with lunch...which i thought we were going to be eating at a sit down diner and it wound up being a fast food burger shack. I knew it was either eat then or not until 8 PM. In retrospect, I should have just fasted all day. I wound up getting 4 burgers and just eating the meat along with a side salad. Went back to the office and made myself some oatmeal and a glass of milk...

Going into the gym today I didn't feel strong. My rowing felt lacking from the getgo...but I took it light because I need to in order to save my "steam" for the workout. However, the workout developed into a very hard day...with the exception of a PR on the DL...though the last rep was very sloppy.


C2 Rowing - Light - 2:36; 640m; 41 cal
Burg WU

Tall Cleans

Experimented with some different approached. On my second to last set, someone came up to me I never saw before and said he was impressed with my form and technique but said that I need to drive with my glutes. I told him I was doing Tall Cleans and he told me that I should still be flexing my hip just a I did for my next two sets. However, I got back to my apartment and looked up videos and it looks like tall cleans don't need any hip flexion...and that makes them a lot harder (obviously). I guess I need to wait to get Greg's book/DVD to see about that...

HSPU (full ROM)

Concentric Attempts:
1 - Success (w/lots of arching)
2 - Pushed up but fell over at the top because of arching
3 - Success (w/lots of arch)
4 - Fail

Negatives: 3x3

Some Neg reps were a bit fast..I just didn't feel as strong as I normally do here.



First 2 reps of work sets were great. Last rep was very sloppy...but it got up :\

WPU Testing
Previous Record 105
Previous Tests: BWx3; +25x3; +55; +75; +90; +95; +100; +105
Today's Tests: BWx3; 75x2 (felt weak...); 90; 100 (F)

Maybe I failed because I did 40 Kipping PU last night...just did not feel strong here at all..

2x3 Negatives without touching down

Went OK just did not feel strong at all...

Stretched, focusing primarily on hip flexors since I am having a major glute inactivation problem on my squats.


I need to change my program since I can back squat again. I need to squat every day I get into the gym to get back to where I was. I feel weak under the bar and that needs to change.

Similarly, I need to now focus more heavily on the squat -- and to be honest, Gant's program is for those who have exhausted linear progression and It should only take a few weeks for me to get back on the horse, as it were.

Here is my new routine until I exhaust linear progression on my squats again. Since I am still interested in losing body fat, I am going to keep incorporating WODs into the mix...Some goals are going to be put on hold...but like I said, only for a few weeks, hopefully.

3x a week routine, 2 workout scheme, similar to SS:

Workout A
Back Squat
Deadlift/Clean (only DLing/Cleaning 1x per week since I exhausted prog on those)

Workout B
Back Squat
Muscle Up
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