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Carl Chia
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Clean and Jerk
40kg x 3
50kg x 3
60kg x 3 x 2
70kg x 3
70kg x 2 or 3
75kg x 2

3 sets 60kg
3 reps of Clean without recovery(dumping the weight at bottom) followed by 3 reps of Jerk

Front Squat
60kg x 5
75kg x 3
85kg x 3
90kg x 3
95kg x 3 x 2
100kg x 3 (new PR!)
105kg x 2 (new PR!!)
110kg x 1 (new PR!!!)
100kg x 2 (old injury resurfaced and had a little assistance)

A fellow experienced lifter was with me this session. Previous Front Squat PR was 1 rep of 100kg. He spotted me through out the max squats. Asked him if he helped or anything, he said no. He said all he did was raise his voice when I was at my sticking point.. psychology.. he says.. I really wonder did he help with the bar..

Overhead Press
20kg x 5
40kg x 5
50kg x 5
60kg x 2
55kg x 3 x 3 (just can't get that 4th rep..)
50kg x 5

14 Pull Ups
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