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Default Animals You Ate Today

Ever since I broke a decade of vegetarianism with a trip to an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steak buffet a year or two ago, I have been trying to catch up on eating all the animals that had previously escaped their fates. It has been a delicious quest.

Let us all join in the adventure, together. Here is a log where we can record the meat we ate. What kind of meat? How was it prepared? Did you enjoy it? Etcetera, etcetera.


The day before yesterday, my roommate discovered that massaging barbecue sauce into hamburger meat before cooking it results in a barbecue burger superior to the normal kind where one just tops it with BBQ sauce. It also masked, maybe even complemented the burned coating that surrounded them (we are not good at cooking burgers on the stovetop).

Yesterday, for lunch I had a burger from Pete's Grill, a little diner close to me that serves the finest burgers in Baltimore City. It was freakin' amazing. For dinner, we ate leftover salmon topped with pesto. It was OK, I think I put too much salt in the salmon marinade and the pesto suffered from being frozen.
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