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I've been having this dish a lot lately, had it on election night in fact:

1 onion + 1 lb. ground beef in pan

Cook a bit, until ground beef is close to done

Add 1 lb. of broccoli, cover and cook for a couple minutes until everything is done

In separate bowl, mix several large spoonfuls of miso, crushed garlic, and a little lime juice and tamari (both to taste and to thin the "sauce", if you want less sodium sub water for tamari, note that the sauce will naturally thin out due to the heat), add crushed ginger if you so desire

Turn off heat to pan, mix in sauce, dish it up, and top with fresh ground pepper.

This miso-lime-garlic-ginger sauce (sometimes I add almond butter for a bit more protein/fat or simply to extend a deficient supply of miso) has become a staple around my house now.
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