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November 6, 2008 – Little bit of everything, Weight 166lbs

Warm Up: Run to Indian summer and back (9:47)

Workout (AM):

(1) 3 Rounds:
a. 10x Ring Push Ups
b. 10x 105# Back Squat
c. 5x 105# Bench Press
d. Rest 2 Minutes

(2) 3 Rounds:
a. 6x 75# Overhead Press
b. 5x 45# each hand DB Press (On Bench)
c. 10x 24” Plyo Box Jump (active rest)

Cooldown: New recovery drink: 1.5 cup frozen blackberries, .4 scoop 50%/50% Egg White Protein/BCAA mixture, 2 cups water blended. 35g (11g fiber) carbs, 11g protein, 190 calories.

Overall Stats: MHR: 191 (On run) AHR: 160 Time: 44:25

Workout (PM): 30 minutes on Stationary Bike @ recovery pace (65-70% MHR): Stats: 137 AHR

Felt like waking up early and doing something instead of wasting another training day,

Felt good most of the day must be my new PWO recovery drink. Tasted like the best smoothy ever, and felt like it too, and I know what's in it since I'm making it! Going to attempt to use other fruits as well, strawberries/raspberries/blueberries should all work fine. Also cut the fruit down a bit, try 1 cup instead of 1.5 cup and keep the 2 cups of water.

Today's fasting has been harder than the last, hungry at the moment and still got about 5-5:30 hours till I go to sleep, so I guess I'll just ride it out

Rest day tomorrow

Also I'm contemplating going 4 days in a row and 1 off, but I will see how this fasting thing progresses, don't want too many things going on at once. Maybe around End of Nov or Beginning of December
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