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Hey there--

Well Dr. G has been prescribing these for me. He seems to really know his stuff. I have been on the on the Probiotics for 2 weeks now. I seem to feel more focused. Overall it is just good for you gut health. Here is what Dr. G told me after asking him uf I will feel better:

You will, according to every single one of my previous patients (if you take
the loading dose as described on the box, don't be chintzy and skip the
loading dose) feel better after taking the probiotics.

As for overall body composition, that has been a mixed bag. Remember, form
follows function, so if we get you healthier, your body will follow suit and
start looking healthier.

The Enzymes are in the mail. Get ASSIST and ASSIST for Dairy and Protein.

Dr. G said these enzymes BLOW EVERY OTHER ENZYME away!

Just great for digesting what we eat. If you eat Chicken or Fish you want your body to have the full effects and assimilate and digest it all properly.

I will report back.

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