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When I recently tried the Anabolic Diet there was a two week period of <30 g of carbs as an induction period. The sluggish feeling will subside after a few days for some and it may take a little longer for others. There was a day where I felt a definite "crash" and then was fine the next day. If you are going the low carb route make sure you are keeping your fat intake at 60% of your calories, especially when you first start and keep your calories at around 18x bodyweight for a week or two. It will make the transition easier. After that then start dropping your cals by about 500 and stick with that until fat loss stalls. it may work great for you, I know it does for many. The low carb thing did not work for me at all as far as fat loss goes. At first I think due to the bump in calories jacking up the metabolism a bit and the loss of water and glycogen it seems like leaning out and weight loss is fast, but after that it didn't do much for me , even with dropping my cals pretty low. Good luck though.
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