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Default can anyone explain this???

First of all just check out that article. Its pretty interesting to see the kind of training olympic caliber athletes do.

And now on to the reason for this post: What is the MTR (found at the end of the article)? It kind of explains how to use it in the context of the workouts, but I am having a hard time understanding how you determine what your MTR is for each lift, and the A-B-B-C-A progression part.

It seems to me that one Day A, you do the day A workout, and on Day B you do Day A and Day B? And on Day C you do all 3 days? To me, and I could be completely off base here as I have little oly lifting experience, it seems like Day B would have an exhausting amount of volume, and Day C could possibly kill you.

Also, I know that the CA wod uses Bulgarian cycles, but I am failing to see the connection between what is in the article and what is done in the CA wods. Wouldn't the Bulgarian method lose its effectiveness if the athlete is not progressing to multiple sessions in a day, or adding days per week?

Can anyone explain all this to me?

(sorry for the massive amount of questions)
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