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He gave examples:

"A" Week: Predicted MTR -20kilos for 2 reps, Pred. MTR -10 kilos for a single, MTR for 3-4 singles.

"B" Week: Perform A week progression, followed by MTR -10 kilos for a double, MTR -5 kilos for a single, and then MTR +5 kilos for 2-4 singles.

"C" Week: Entire B week progression performed, followed by a double with MTR -20 kilos, another double with MTR -10 kilos, and finally 3-4 more singles with MTR plus 5 or 7.5 kilos.

So, if you were doing a simple A-B-B-C-A progression over 5 weeks, and you found that your snatch MTR was 100 on the first Monday, for the next 5 weeks your Monday snatch workouts might be as follows:

Week 1: 80/2, 90, 100 (3-4)

Week 2: 80/2, 90, 100 (3), 90/2, 95, 105 (2-4)

Week 3: 80/2, 90, 100 (3), 90/2, 95, 105 (2-4)

Week 4: 80/2, 90, 100 (3), 90/2, 95, 105 (3), 80/2, 90/2, 105 (2), 107.5 (2)

Week 5: 80/2, 90, 100 (3-4)
A-B-B-C-A or A-B-B-C-C-A are the weeks in the cycle. I believe the last "A" counts as a backoff week since the volume is significantly lower (and conditioning level should be up enough) that you can recover well from the BBC or BBCC.

Wouldn't the Bulgarian method lose its effectiveness if the athlete is not progressing to multiple sessions in a day, or adding days per week?
No. It's not about adding the sessions and days.. and then more sessions.. even though that is the case. It's adding all that in SO you can lift heavier weight. If you can progress faster adding weight to the bar (which is generally the case with very high frequency), then you're gonna be succeeding.
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