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I actually tried to reply, but my account doesn't work. The one gentleman says that I only have the whatever to do something for two years...but he can do seven.

I say, we should go to eleven!

Really, though, my point on crossfit was simple...but here you go: my goals are not your goals. I tried it and I threw "less far." 750 deadlift and no farther throw=move along, move along.

To think that I just popped back to the Dan John Method was offensive! I have no method!

The call out that I am like a poor politician is just a "whatever" in my book. Greg made some big promises and now it is a program for "average guy generalist." Remember, though, the original promise...and it just occured to me that it is exactly what Arthur Jones said...that there would be a dominating O lift team of just Xfitters. That doesn't mean winning the Masters Nationals or the Cal State Masters as a was top level stuff. I don't know what a drug free 750 pound deadlift would translate to O lifts, but it would be good.

After spending a weekend with Shaf, Gary, Wil, Dan, and Sully...I discovered that the methods that get tossed around on a typical day in Ireland or Australia are far beyond the grinder that I am more associated with in the USA. I have literally hundreds of times the volume of athletes and I discovered that I have come up short as a coach...simply because I...

Well, I am not telling anyone what I learned. It was a free clinic and there is a price to be paid for missing it.
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