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Originally Posted by Danny John View Post
my goals are not your goals.
That sums it up we all have different goals from working out.

The smart people over there agree with that. Others may try and defend their way...but I have to ask...what is the point? Who really cares if one way is the right way? (As I don't believe any one way is the right way)

As I said over there....I leave the people who want to debate their way is the only way to themselves....that only has use to serve their own ego to be right. Me I have no need to serve my ego...I know I don't know it all...and I know not all programs work for everyone...and only work a short time anyways before you have to change it up. Plus the fact that we now need to start labelling fitness routines for credit to someone is more a disservice to the fitness industry as a whole...just creating riffs and petty arguements. Shame we can't just call it fitness and everyone learns from eachother and share's ideas without needing credit.

I don't think DJ meant to stir the pot.....I know he is a better coach than that. Good I remember the days of working out on all nautilus the Jack Lalanne Gym. Ugh.
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