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Originally Posted by Craig Loizides View Post
I agree that 5-6% BF (or 6-8% like originally posted) isn't inherently healthy or athletic, but it isn't inherently unhealthy or unathletic either. Actually, most elite athletes are probably in this range.
I don't believe that most elite athletes are in the 5-6% range. Unless you're talking only about sports where power::weight ratio is key (cycling, gymnastics, lighter athletes in weight class sports), I don't believe you're going to going to find many athletes in this range.

But I'm not sure, and I'm certainly open to change. The only published list I've seen was from Dr. Sears regarding college-level athletes, and it did not approach this. I would welcome any studies to the contrary, as I'm a little curious about this.

**I just re-read the original post. I have no idea where I got 5-6%. The 6-8% that Trygve desires is on the lean side but not dangerously unhealthy. Sorry for unnecessary rant.

Originally Posted by Trygve Lunde View Post
Thanx, that is true. the very best players are very ripped. yeah of course my performance matters, but now the season is over and i want to get ripped once and for all
As I said above, I haven't read a lot of reliable studies on this, but the research I have read indicates that there are no performance benefits when dropping below 8% BFP.
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