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Default My weight goes CRAZY

i'm cutting weight for a grappling tournament in columbus, oh tomorrow. i finished loading up and hit around 180lbs yesterday early in the day. after sweating and fasting a bit i'm already down to 166.5 as of noon today. i only have to get to 164.9 and i'm like already there (22 hours until weigh in).
what's funny is that i'm not even thirsty yet and i'm only at moderate hunger. i feel that IFing has trained my mind to easily handle this, but i'm wondering how low i could comfortably go. because i feel so physically and mentally good right now (aside from the stress of my game plan for the matches), i think i could actually get under 160 if i needed to (weight class is 150-165.9 so no need). that's a 20lb weight difference from 180 that feels doable.

basically my body pisses me off because i never know what i can really weigh. i fluctuate like crazy. anybody else have this issue?
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