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November 7, 2008 – Recovery

Workout: 30 minutes on C2 @ 65-70% MHR (Recovery Pace)

Stats: AHR:137, Avg/500m: 2:32.4, 5906m total, 320 Calories, 21 s/m, 4 damper

I got the recovery days from Mark Twight and Gym Jones, I don't know why I started doing it but I have a reason now. I think it's a good time to measure your fitness level in terms of your heart rate, if you can row more meters in 30 minutes at the relatively same heart rate then you have gotten more efficient, either in technique or heart. So I have to thank Mark Twight, whether he intended on that being the justification or not. Although he does say it's good to flush out your system of lingering toxins in your muscles, but why can't it have another reason as well!

Tomorrow I'm heading out to the Catskills and hiking Hunter Mountain (4050') via Becker Hollow trail, which is 2.3 mi and 2200' elevation gain to the summit (Going to try and sprint it as fast as I can to the summit, don't know how fast I will accomplish it in, but I plan to go 90-95% MHR the whole way unless I break a limb or something). Going to be raining apparently which is going to suck for my feet in VFF.
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