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Default How do you get into position for overhead squats?

What do you do to get into position for overhead squats?

When I first did OHS heavy singles a week or so ago I raised the squat rack really high, locked out my arms and lifted the bar off that way. It was pretty precarious and definitely not ideal.

I got the suggestion to load the bar behind my head, get into snatch grip, and then just push press or jerk the weight from there. I was no longer flirting with death from above, but my max probably dropped about 10 kilos. I think it's more coordination than strength, as I had trouble getting 45kg up there, my max jerk is 55kg, and theoretically push pressing or jerking with a snatch grip should be easier than with a clean grip.

Snatching isn't really an option, as my max snatch is about 20 kilos less than my max OHS.

What should I do? Stick with the second method, and use it as an opportunity to build up my coordination?
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