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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
If you're on a lower carb diet for a month or two and you're still feeling sluggish you MIGHT be ones of the people who can tolerate higher carbs better. BUT this is generally an exception.

It takes anywhere from about 2-4 weeks to adapt to a diet with fairly different macronutrient ratios.
Here is the deal: I go on a reduced carb diet, and by reduced I mean a diet of unlimited veggies, a few fruits (two), 2 tbsp essential oils, 8oz lean protein, 2 eggs and a whey protein shake a day. Oh and I would have a little bit of starchy carbs (Ezekiel bread or rutabaga) with my post workout meal. Seems like adequate carbs to me,right? Perhaps its due to the fact that I am usually overloaded on carbs, so perhaps its just a withdrawal phase I am going through.

But I tend to feel sluggish, my workouts suffer and I get moody and craving skyrocket. But I do lose fat on this type of plan, I just cant stick to it long term.

Maybe I need to get my head checked
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