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Patrick Yeung
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Im with Mike. I was on a similar schedule as you, sometimes id do Cardio in the mornin, but I nearly always lifted in the afternoon/night, and that was with a 12-15 hour fast.

I dont recomend it, and itll likly get your injured (as I have now) and you wont be able to work out at full strength. Have a small meal first of lighter foods. I would tend to stay away from fat tho pre workout, as it always made me feel bloated or way too stuffed for some reason.

Depending on what kind of workout im doin, ill go with a cup or less of Cottage cheese with some fruit, or something similar with yogurt.

If its a long run/endurance type, whole wheat tortillas/some kind of carb, with some cream cheese, nuts and crasins in it is a favorite of mine. Ill make like 3 or 4 of these mini burritos before a long run (2+ hours)
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