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I've competed in about 20 powerlifting comps (last one was 1990), 1 weightlifting comps (two weeks ago), and nearly 100,000 lumberjack sporting events (10 events at most competitions - I've competed for the past 30 years at as many as 30 events per year - and sometimes more, but not as much in recent years). I don't even want to think about how many training sessions I've had over the past 30 years....I've not missed many sessions and I love training more than I do competing.

The approach I take to the bar, the axe, the saw, and the chainsaw is the same. I do it before every training session, be that lumberjack event or in the gym.

I'm reminded of the first two lines of an En Vogue song entitled "Free your mind."

- "Free your mind. And the rest will follow. Be color blind, don't be so shallow......"

I've spent the past six years meditating, practicing tai chi and yoga daily. Learning to "free the mind" is a wonderful thing.

You simply think of nothing and allow the body to take over and respond. Rely upon your preparation. Make whatever you're doing become wrote memory. Make your neural pathways adapt to this mode. Even during your training. Especially during your training. That's the reason for your training.

Hope that helps?

all the best,
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