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The reason for the tough transition to lower carbs is that your body is inefficient at using fat for energy. You've eaten high carbs for years and every time your body starts running low you get hungry and eat more carbs. Plus, you may have elevated insulin levels which can make it harder to access your fat stores.

The sample diet you provided looks like it is low carb, low fat, and low calorie. Any low carb diet MUST be high in fat. Otherwise it's a high protein diet which is unhealthy and unmaintainable in the long term. Aim for something like 60% fat, 30% protein, and 10% carbs. You don't need to stay that low in carbs forever, but it will help in becoming fat adapted. If you want you can slowly lower the carbs and replace them with added fats. And you might want to increase the calories during the transition to make it easier.

I was able to do very well on high carb / food pyramid type eating, but I felt like I had to eat 6 times a day and food was controlling my life. The transition was definitely worth it. It probably took me about 3 months of varying levels of carb restriction and starting over before I finally became fat adapted.
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