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November 8, 2008 - Hunter Mountain in the Catskills

Stats: 2.3mi 2200’ Elevation gain, 55 minutes, 170 AHR

For some reason 10 minutes into the hike my legs mutinied me, especially my calves. I have no idea why, but for the last 45 minutes of the hike it was a total battle against myself to just keep going and forget about the pain. I'm glad there was only 2 other groups on the trail because half of the time I was yelling swear words at my legs for not working 100%, I felt so weak for no real reason, I couldn't jump on rock like I normally do I had to actually stop and step on them, was pretty demoralizing. I wasn't pushing it too hard in the cardio department because I couldn't go fast enough, my legs were beat. The descent was fine, my legs or my mind grew confidence and was down within 30 minutes. All in all was a good challenge, what I hoped at least.

I took some pictures

Heading up

On Top of the fire tower, was quite cool about 45 degrees with wing blowing around 20-30 mph at the top.

Some have a victory drink, I have myself some victory chocolate!

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