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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
Does anyone else have problems withthe dreaded thigh bump while lifting? I tend to do this 2/3 of the time (am working really hard to fix it) which causes me to jump forward noticeably and miss snatches. From vids I can tell that I am slightly hyperextending on the 2nd pull.

Are there any drills that help re-teach myself to not thrust my hips into the bar?
I'm new to these movements, so bear with me.

My thought is to do Tall Varietys of the snatch and clean. Or high block reps concentrating on the 2nd and 3rd pulls. Primarily the second pull.

I'm in a similar situation in that I'm finally getting my hips to the bar, but when I'm over agressive with my hips, I knock the bar out a bit and make it hard to catch. My gut is telling me the Tall version, hang version, and high block (above the knee) version would help me with this issue.

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