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Originally Posted by Mandy LaGreca View Post
Wow, 10% carbs. As much as I want to lean up, Im just not sure I can do something like that. I mean, what would I eat all day? Chicken and oil? Can you give me a sample day of what you eat?

I think for me right now, its a matter of controlling my binge eating. Most of it is psychological. Fridays and Saturdays have always been a trigger for me.

Evenings are tough for me too. I get depressed and then I reach of something sweet. A trainer in my gym mentioned a whey protein shake before bedtime to help manage cravings.
I prefer a lot of nuts and seeds myself. You know there are plenty of foods out there that aren't carbs. Not just chicken and oil.

Your psychological requirement for carbs is by no means a physiological one. Once you learn to separate an emotional event from the carb eating process (one of the very big triggers that hurts the obese) you can see its quite easy to live with a much, much lower carb intake.
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