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Default Foam Roller Crash and Burn

So, like a genius I got a foam roller last night to try and improve the integrity and flexibility in my IT Band. My aunt worked on the ITB like crazy when she was going through massage school. She recommended the roller, along with tennis balls and a golf ball roll for the fallen arch I have on my right foot. Anyway, the foam roller work on the ITB was excruciatingly good, just like when she pressed the crap out of ITB. It was so good, I followed it up in the morning with another round of intense foam roller ITB lovin'. What followed an hour later at my Olympic weightlifting class was not good. Every time I went into a squat I just about fell over. The soreness up and down the ITB was insane. I was stiffer and more clumsy than if I had done nothing.

Mostly, the class was a wash this morning. I wasn't able to do much of anything, because the second I tried to get under the bar, the achy soreness hit me hard. I told my coach about it and he said I might want to think about doing it after a work-out. I had read it wasn't a good idea to do it before a work out, but had to find out the hard way.

Got home tonight and did some more work with it, as I have read that foam rollin' is all about consistency - doing it every day (even twice a day if things are bad) until you really work the kinks out. I am in deep pain Nirvana with this thing. Seriously, I start seeing weird colors when I roll up into the hip area and around the mid-thigh. I love the moment when the muscle goes into its "fight, fight, fight... aw screw it and collapse" routine. That is the weirdest sensation. Afterwards, I feel like little moles are tunneling around in my legs.

Just thought I'd share.

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