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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
Your psychological requirement for carbs is by no means a physiological one. Once you learn to separate an emotional event from the carb eating process (one of the very big triggers that hurts the obese) you can see its quite easy to live with a much, much lower carb intake.
Youre right. I need to start to focus on other activities that dont revolve around food. This is due to my family background, as food was always the topic of conversation and all activities revolved around food. It doesnt help that my father is staying with us for 3 weeks and all he does it eat and cook and talk about eating.

I think IF is partially the solution for me. If I dont eat anything, i dont have to worry about what I am eating. However, this means that I need to fast almost everyday, not just 2-3 days a week. Since my cravings are usually high at night, if I can save my calories for the evening, and incorporate that whey protein shake before bedtime, it may help me tremendously.

Thanks for the article Alicia! that was true of me, even thogh I dont have much stress since I quit my job to stay home with my baby, she does wake up at night often and that has been contributing to my higher cortisol levels. When I am awoken, the first thing I want to do it eat something sweet.

I like the exercise protocol, esp since I love yoga and walking. Since I am a fitness instructor, I think the solution for me is to teach my classes and perhaps add a day or two of total body weights. No additional cardio, as running and those type of activities do tend to stress me out. I But during my non-teaching days, activities should be just walking and yoga and playing with my baby. Basically things that keep my heart rate lower.

Finally, I need to cut the binge habit on the weekends. Its just something Ive been doing for years, and I do it out of sheer habit. Binge on Saturday, starve on Sunday.

So to summarize for myself, I will implement this plan:
1.) IF 5 days a week (14-16 hour fasts), but will change depending on my needs
2.) Workout days are 4 days a week. I will combine weights and cardio on the same day to allow for 3 days of week of complete rest for my parasympathetic nervous system
3.) Eats are clean and Paleo-like
4.) Sugar consumption needs to be very low, and I need to wean slowly. I am talking about even fruits, as it triggers my responses to binge as well
5.) Whey protein shake before bedtime when cravings are high
6.) Treat weekends like any normal weekday. Eats should be the same, and it should not be an invitation to binge eat (this is a tough one for me)
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