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Diet update
Things have gone bad lately…I couldn’t get the anabolic diet to work for me…I couldn’t control my weekend carbups so I started cutting calories wich just made the weekends worse. I went back up to 2800 calories and initially seemed to lean out but then I started putting on fat again. Finally I was just fed up with it. I found it hard to get all my meals in, I lost my appetite, there was nothing pleasant about eating so I went back to eating like a normal person again.
I feel pretty good but my allergies are acting up…

Training update
Last workout was awesome but with the diet crap and loads of stress (and some overtime) at work I did nothing for the last two weeks.

Sunday 9 November
At home:
Tuck Planche 12s 10s 10s 10s 6s 6s 6s
Snatch workout at the club:
Still not allowed to go over 40kg. Last workout I had some pretty good singles at 40 but 2 weeks off set me back.
Front Squat (sets of 5 reps)
40kg 50kg 55kg 60kg 60kg 60kg 60kg 60kg 60kg
I think ATG 5x5@60kg is where I should stay until it feels easy.
2 rounds:
7 pull-ups (only did 4 2nd round)
10 back extensions
10 dips
8 ghd sit-ups
Not the best workout but if I can make it to practice more I should be pretty strong by Christmas.
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