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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
Just loosen up some days and don't IF. Have undereating and overeating days. Remember what the "I" stands for.....Intermittent. Your body isn't going to go into starvation mode from a single day of too few calories. It's just a bit smarter than that.

This is a great question! Lately, with all the stuff going on in my life, I wish I could just stop eating to eliminate another thing to do. Eating requires preparation, cooking and the gruesome cleaning. Now my family is over and all they do is eat eat eat and I am just plain disgusted.

If I were at my bodyfat goals right now, I think I would change the way I approach food. Eat when Im hungry and eat whatever I like. If its a bowl of oatmeal and bananas, that is what I would eat. But with all this info about food choices to lose weight, it makes things just so complicated, that I sometimes just want to stop eating!
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