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Weight - 162 Comfortably (wasn't even that thirsty, but still kinda hungry)
Division - 150-164.9lbs No Gi Intermediate , Gi Blue Belt
No Gi
- First Match - win by arm-bar from side control
- Second Match - win by toe hold from half guard top
- Third Match - lost on points (but i was so damn close!!!)
- Fourth Match - (competing for third place) - lost by submission by arm triangle (very embarassing how it happened)
Gi - lost first match to a Darse choke

i had a good amount of fun at the tourney, but i'm a little disappointed with myself. i felt that my passing was much improved from my last tournament. This is comforting because passing has been the main thing i've worked on since then. Now i mainly wanna focus on half-guard bottom and takedowns.
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