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Hmm so reflecting on a few things and trying to figure out a plan to follow after this strength phase is over. Unfortunately despite taking the time in my busy schedule to go out to the school and get some lifting in, I just have too much going on currently and it is eating into my scheduling.. school, work, some family issues, and getting a business plan together and prepping for personal training, other areas im trying to focus on as well. Plus there is my waiver that is currently pending for reenlistment...

I have a good coach and a kind one for allowing me to train at the high school but it is becoming more and more discouraging being the only lifter and several times in a row now not receiving any direct coaching as coach has a habit of leaving as soon as I arrive. The majority of my training is more or less self taught and Im wondering if I would be better off served by saving for one of Greg's seminars or Rippetoe's seminars. The cost of gas with the commute to make it out there 3 times a week coupled with the commute I already make to school which is an hour drive 4 days a week is draining my wallet.

Actually a number of things are draining my wallet especially the cost of food to support gaining another 10 - 15 lbs and im thinking this may not be the time for that anymore. Not having a training partner is extremely discouraging as well.

I think i'll continue with this strength phase especially since there are still gains to be made but after this I may just venture back to the CF side of the house and start messing around with everything again, little bit of this and that so I can put more focus on other areas of life and try and focus on more personal happiness rather than obsessing over having to be a specific weight or getting angry over slow gains in weightlifting etc.

Hmm from all I know that may be key to jump starting weak areas and getting things in focus again.

Very long read I know. This is more of a blog post...
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