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That's awesome advice. I have a long torso as well and I've started doing this on my own to get a better bar path to avoid bumping/looping the bar on my snacthes. Given what you've written, I think I'll make it even more pronounced as that makes complete sense to me.

Now if I could only do something with my orangutan arms.

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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I have a long torso, so doing a standard first pull really puts me in a position to "bump and loop" if I do a standard set-up off the ground.

At my Pmenu OL seminar, Greg had me start in a feet turned-out stance (I'd say 6-8 inches from between mid-heels, feet making slightly less than 90 degree angles between each other) and the knees pushing as wide as possible. Not exactly the "frog stance", but one could say it is similar in ways.

This allows me to bring the bar up in a much straighter path since I don't have to go "around" my knees so much. I feel it makes for a smoother transition between my first and second pulls.
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