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November 10, 2008 – Easy going pace, Practice, and Core Strength

Warm Up: 2 Rounds: 10x Shoulder Dislocates, Hold 105# Overhead for 20 seconds, 10x Ring Push Ups, 3x Turkish Get-up Each Arm @ 30# KB

Workout: 2 Rounds

(1) Row 1000m

(2) 5x Sandbag Get-Up @ 60# Each Shoulder

Cooldown: 50 Calories Airdyne (25 Legs only, 25 Arms only)

Easy day, but it didn't seem like it. Every time my heart started pumping it felt like I had to catch my breath, might be my body still getting used to fasting (At 19 hours without anything but water), but felt good afterwards.

Going to progress the time on 105# 10 seconds each time until I can hold it overhead for a minute. Then I'm going to ramp up the weight to 125# and start at 20 seconds again, hopefully this well help me physically and mentally that I can hold heavy weight above my head for extended periods of time.
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