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Allison, that sounds about right. I went in all excited for class but about half-way through it, I knew I had screwed myself royally with the roller massage. I thought I would be more limber, but my muscles where very "confused." Coordination wasn't great, and the ITB around the hip/buttocks area was just fuzzy and 'distant' feeling - when it wasn't screaming at me.

I got a pretty good workout in my garage tonight. Lots of light snatches (no heavier than 60 kg) with a focus on getting a deep squat then snatch pulls with straps (3x2 with 80 kg and 3X1 with 90) and followed up with some seated good mornings (5x3 with 40 kilos). No weirdo ITB problems tonight - but I didn't do any foam roller work beforehand. I didn't squat - I was a little afraid to push it - I got up to 120 yesterday with backsquats (1 for moderate depth and then 2 for full depth and I was done). I felt like either fronts or backs tonight were not a good idea. I was sore when I started tonight, but muscle-nerve communication was at least working properly and I was a bit more limber - surprisingly. I guess something is working with the rolling -even though it's only been two days in with it.

I then followed up the workout with some good food (bacon, turkey breast, bok choy, chopped garlic and chopped asparagus pan-fried in olive oil and sesame oil). Fish oil caps and some BCAA pills as well.

Then I did more foam roller work. In between sets of rolling, I would heat up this 'rice-bag' my aunt made for me and press it on my ITB. That rice bag is a lifesaver. It's just a cloth bag she sewed for me full of rice. It's about the size of a small pillow. She told me to heat it in the microwave for 4 minutes and then use it relax muscles, tendons, (works great for warming a cold bed, too). With the muscles warmed up, it was much easier to go in deep with that roller - not that it wasn't any less painful. Oddly enough, my right calf is a real piece of work - so sore when I roll it I thought I was gonna blow an O-Ring, but my left calf is completely non-plussed. I got that right calf feeling much better after 10 excruciating minutes, but it took a lot of grunting and screaming to get there.
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