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conditioning felt good. i was in half guard bottom for a lot of my third no-gi match. i normallly look to take the back from there above anything else, so we got in a pretty big pummeling war for what seemed like a long time. i got pretty tired then but i didn't ever have to stop on account of wind.

after the no-gi matches i think i ate a little too much. i thought i had more time between then and the gi match. thus when i stepped out for the gi match, i felt a bit sluggish. i dind't get tired as the match progressed, but i just felt a little slow.

strength wise i felt solid. the only time i felt like it was really tested was when i had a guy in north south for a bit. he was going crazy and i really couldn't think of the proper way to get him to stop. thus i had to muscle him hard at that point. after the match i realized that i should have just picked his head up cause he kept trying to go inverted and get to my back.
the other time i typically have to battle with a fair bit of strength is arm-dragging while standing up. arm-drags are kinda my bread-and butter right now on the feet, so when somebody tries to redrag me i get pretty stubborn. i had one of those twirly "ring around the rosy" things happen when me and this guy both went hard on some arm drags.

what i love about this style of exercise (PM, Hybrid, Crossfit, etc.) is that i never feel that i beat somebody because i out conditioned them. instead the way i normally view it is that i've never been beaten because somebody else out-conditioned me. It kinda takes the worry away in that i know my body is always capable of handling the physical load. thus i'm only limited by my brain's comprehension of the sport.

one less thing to worry about.

i also thoroughly enjoy handstands/hanging from some rings/juggling a's not all about bjj
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