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Switching notation to Performance Menu notation to make things easier for everyone.

2008.11.09 REST
Dynamic stretching
Olympic Lifting
25x3x2, 25x2, 25x1, 37.5x1x3, 37.5(f)

35x2x3, 45x1x4

(60x2, 65x1) x 5

TGU sit-ups
20#x10, 25#x10x2

Snatch deadlift

Haven't received a workout from my coach yet, so I'm going ahead with the CA WOD Bulgarian cycle. However, to compensate for my lack of technique, I'll be increasing squat volume and adding extra exercises.

Here's the rough plan for what I'm adding:
Monday - Deadlifts (3x3)
Tuesday - Presses (5x3 OR 3x3, haven't decided), Body rows (3 x max)
Wednesday - Pulls (3x3)
Friday - RDLs or barbell rows, still thinking about rep scheme

Of course, this has the potential to seriously, seriously kick my ass, so I'm going to listen to my body. And when my coach puts together my workout, I'm switching to that.
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