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When putting the question out there I was originally thinking along the lines of NLP like what Chris suggests here:

Originally Posted by Chris Salvato View Post

Finally, when I am ready to lift, i say to myself as i do it:
1) Stance
2) Grip
3) Shins
4) Chest

By the time I get to realizing I passed Step 5 the bar is either on my shoulder/over my head or its a fail.
> I try to clear my mind, walk onto the platform and as Im setting up my stance I say to myself 'I own the platform and cage', then follow the steps chris mentions above as a mental checklist but without actually saying it in my head. Then boom! do the lift.

> All the other stuff is great as well. Love the Yoda quote, think I may say that in my head from now on! (in yodas voice)

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