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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Good to have you back.
It's so good to be back!

I realized that for most of the past seven months, I was in so much pain so much of the time that I couldn't really "inhabit" my body with awareness. I lost touch with when I was hungry and when I was not, and I ate carbocrap for comfort, despite knowing a good diet would hasten healing.

The past couple of weeks I have really turned a corner on recovery. I can feel it. Before, I didn't want to exercise because I couldn't stand adding one jit of discomfort to my baseline pain. Now, I am reawakening to the feeling of soreness in a well-used muscle, and I don't fear it or dread it. I'm looking forward to reanimating this body, pushing myself so that I get that rush that comes with having energy to spare.

Today: 2 hours of (gentle) dance class: this is very rehabiliatative for me, lots of activity mobility, balance, and a little huffin' and puffin'.

Yesterday's Meals:

B: 2/3 c. cooked oatmeal w/ blueberries, nonfat Greek yogurt and 2 eggs
L: 3 oz. cooked salmon w/2 c. raw spinach and 11 almonds
Snack: 1 crispbread w/ 1 TB. peanut butter
D: collard greens cooked w/bacon, 6 oz. cod with lemon butter sauce, 1/3c. brown rice

Cal: 1122 35% fat, 32% carb, 32% protein

I feel wonderful today. Trifle sore in the quads, but wonderful. Tomorrow is strength work day, such as I can do. I'm going to concentrate on squats, lunges, situps, back ext., plank poses, body rows.

I'm going to try some swings with a DB to see how that motion feels, if it doesn't feel wrong, I might order myself a couple of kettlebells. I could probably do SDHP with the KB without much difficulty, I think. I can use the DBs at the Y for that. Maybe Jay has some other ideas. I'm looking forward to regaining some strength!
I'm weak as a kitten, especially upper body. I really miss my strong muscles.

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