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I'm seeing pretty much the same... hips going up too fast, back rounding, and early arm bend.

Another thing is that you're not getting full extension and the slight layback necessary at the top. As a result, the bar is too much in front of you and you are jumping forward to catch it.

With the jerk, feet might be just a little too close together. Keep them at about squat width, even if they're far forward and back from each other. Also, your back foot is rotated away from your body. Should be somewhat in with the split jerk (consider the position of the shin... having the back foot externally rotated in this case is counter to the position the leg is in. Front foot looks fine (should be forward or a little in), but again, it looks like the lateral width of your split is a bit less than it should be.

On the second jerk, your awkward back foot causes definite trouble by limiting the depth of your split.

Regarding the jerk rack position, try to get your shoulders forward and elevated a little. Much like the clean rack position, just a little more difficult on flexibility because of the full grip on the bar (and with the elbows lower).

I'm also getting a slight warning light (made more apparent by the miss on 250) that your forward shin is a little inclined forward rather than vertical and the seeming result that your torso is a bit too upright or inclined back rather than slightly inclined forward to get the proper overhead lockout position. Might just be paranoia, though, so I'm going to wait for Greg on this one.

Additional comment: Good job. Heavy weight and good potential. The squat looked very nice.

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