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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
oh yeah but I drag my rear out on the back yard deck at 5am and hit it nevertheless otherwise I'd never get it done later. Wife and I both work, we have a 7 month old boy going to day care, I go to school 3 nights a week, krikey! Weekends are just two days to catch up and get on with the program again for right now. Motivation is a big issue.....but, its so worth it!
It's like when I go home all my energy is just sucked out of me! haha I'm able to muster a lot more motivation as long as I'm not close to my house! The gym is where I get my best workouts. I couldn't imagine hitting a workout before I getup haha, I have a hard enough time just dragging mysefl out on time to miss rush hour ~5am. Thanks for the words and though I couldn't make it to the gym on Friday I did a quick workout at home anyway.
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