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Damn. It's been a while.
Been doing lots, changing lots, thinking lots....
No excuse for not trogging though.
Still feeling very 'transitional' TBH but here is a wee update:


So..been training with Brain Hamill for 2 weeks now, 2 evenings a week - Mondays (wth Franz) and Wednesdays. Usually a couple of hours at a time. Lots of Oly drills, and a heap of strength and core work. Really enjoying it and constantly learning a hell of a lot. Most the other guys training at the same time are national/international level lifters - inspiring on a number of levels.

Am actually looking to sort out something with work so I can go to his earlier Friday sessions too, ie 3 sessions a week.

Meanwhile have not quite been following the CA WODs. Basically have been doing Brians sessions, plus a bunch of Oly tech and strength work (especially squatting), some core work, and a few metcons and random stuff on other days.

Am 'borrowing' from these CA WODs for now (basically just doing a load of tech on all elements and lifting heavy sh*t) Having thoughts about hitting up the CA WODs properly in about 8 weeks time when the new cycle starts. By then I will be more technically proficient, have a better idea of my maxes (so the %s will make more sense), etc...and will be able to handle the workload better through getting used to it and sorted my diet and recovery to deal with it. We'll see.


Diet-wise: Still hovering around 60kg and plan to stay that way for the foreseeable future due to the Powerlifting early next year.

Have changed the diet pretty drastically mainly though the advice of the knowledgeable folk on this board..from 12 blocks Zone, triple fat - to (if thinking about it in Zone terms), 20-25P, 40-50F, and about 2-3C non-training days, about 6 training days. Goals with this are to fuel my current performance/recovery, whilst getting stronger and staying lean. Not asking much

Also am now strict Paleo, no dairy, no legumes, no nightshades, etc. Will certainly continue to play with diet but will be around these principles/ratios. Will probably experiment with Intermittent Fasting soon too.


Other bits and pieces from the last few weeks:

Dom from CF Manchester was in the area last Sat - so hooked up with him for some training including:
50kg press
2000m row: 8.22
Will hopefully get to train with him a couple more times in forthcoming weeks.

Had a great weekend training with Brew and Ross on the Sat - and helping at the November CF London i-Course on the Sun

Trained with Franz yesterday including:
10 x BW FS - A2G

Did 'Death by Ring Dip' a few days ago: 10 rounds, first 8 unbroken.

Also hit up a 45kg OHS (75% BW) last week. Looking to up this by 2.5kg each week to hit a BW OHS by the end of the year - a few of us have set up a wee challenge on this


There's a few more bits I wanted to write - but whoever is still reading is probably bored senseless by now...and I've forgotten anyway, lol.
But anyway - keeping busy, having fun. Lots to be thinking about, and getting on with for me. And will keep this trog up-to-date
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