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Susie Rosenberg
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Wow. Thank you both, Dr. G and Jay. What an awesome community. I can't thank you enough for the suggestions and support. I'm not part of my local Crossfit community anymore, so I'm without a coach and working on my own just now, so your help is extremely valuable to me. Thank you!

I'll take it easy tomorrow with the core work, squats and lunges, rows and such.
I have physical therapy at noon, so I'll get the work done in the morning.

Question: would I be better off doing fewer squats, but with a little weight, or more unweighted (air) squats? Goal being to really get stronger. I have done a few squats with 20 lbs. of DBs on my shoulders. My problem is I can't grip a bar across the back (nor hold it overhead) because of limited ROM in my shoulder, but I can place a DB on my shoulder and hold it with my hand.


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