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February 2, 2007

KB swing w/24 KG - 2H x 20, 1 H x 5L/R, H2H x 10, power bomb x 10

"Greg Everett" Complex - Taken from the PM link about complexes
1H snatch
1H Sots Press
1H Windmill

5 reps each with 12 KG KB, 3 reps each with 24 KG KB
I dropped to 3 reps with the 24KG because the Sots Press kicked my ass!

1H snatch
1H clean
1H swing

5 reps w/ 24KG KB

DB Push press
DB Jerk
DB Thruster
15# DB's - Ladder down from 5 to 1

bar dislocates - 5, 5, 5, 5

Today was supposed to be workout C from Strength II but I had to get home early to pick up the 8year old from the bus stop so I contented myself with this short little at home workout.
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