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Emily Mattes
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Dynamic stretching
Olympic Lifting
Snatch balance - heavy single
15x2, 25x2, 30x2, 35x2, 40, 41, 42.5(f)

Supposed to be a different rep scheme, but I was frustrated with my inability to do squat snatches at higher weights so I decided to start at a low weight and work up, kilogram by kilogram, repeating at each weight until I squat snatched it.

25x2x3, 34(power), 34(p), 34(squat), 34(s), 35(f), 35(p), 35(p), 35(s), 35(s), 36(s), 36(p), 37(p), 37(s), 37(s), 38(f), 38(f)

At this point, I realized I was getting kind of burned out and moved on to cleans.

C&J - totally weak from all those snatches
40x1x2, 42.5x1x2

Push Press
37.5x3x4, 40x3

Body Rows
Started doing max sets, then deteriorated into experimenting with various heights and grips of the bar. So one set was 14, the next 5, the next 7, etc.

Metcon (~6:00-8:00?)
20-15-10 of
Jumping sit-ups
Jumping pull-ups
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